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We build startup teams...

When a startup raises funding, it’s great people they need next. And that’s where we come in - at LevelUp Ventures, we offer Embedded Recruiting and offer Sourcing-as-a-Service propositions to make recruiting easy and hassle free for our clients.

We become the recruiting department for a startup, running their recruiting processes and finding talent from within (we know, cool right). We work from the customer's office, immerse ourselves in their culture, work with management and even have our own email addresses there. This makes reaching out to candidates intimate, easy and personal. We are not just another headhunter, and the talent senses it.

We screen profiles, have an initial chat over the phone, we participate in face to face interviews. We can truly advise our customers, because we are objective and honest and we understand their business.

We help define employer brand and company culture. But most of all, we run an efficient, high-quality recruitment process that delivers the best talent from growth hackers to developers to team leaders: basically everything startup. And in the meanwhile, we help build a permanent recruiting organisation.

- Startup Recruitment Meetup organised by LevelUp in January
Of course we are not greedy... Every once in a while we like to share ideas, challenges and best practices with other like minded recruiters in the Startup World - this time in our brand new office in B. Amsterdam!

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Current openings

Business Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Startup Recruiter
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Startup Tech Recruiter
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why we do it

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that fast-growing tech companies are the best places  to innovate and have fun! Our mission is to help great people choose these places to work over an old world career.

LevelUp was founded out of frustration with agency recruiters. In this corrupted industry, we find their methods evil.

We come from the world of Startups, Venture Capital and Engineering. We know what you are dealing with because we went through it ourselves.We offer a personal and brutally honest alternative. We value transparency and respect.

We build startup teams. We turn startups into Hiring Machines

Our values: Integrity, transparency, results and fun. 

Talent        : http://www.ihaterecruiters.io

Perks & Benefits

Because our fun delivers our quality

  • Work in-house at multiple startups
  • Sourcing Ninja certification
  • In-house tech recruiting meetups
  • Personal Coaching track
  • Macbook + custom setup
  • Mobile phone contract
  • Arcade + Ping Pong
  • Onefit (Yoga / Sport) subscription
  • Biggest startup hub in Europe
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Free lunch (Yasss!)

"In a matter of weeks, LevelUp Ventures helped us find two great candidates for challenging positions. Based on a few conversations about the open positions they sourced a number of candidates that fit perfectly. They ensured our communications resonated with those candidates. Throughout the process they were very proactive and they showed us how to do recruiting the right way."

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Gerben Gooijers
CEO, Semiotic Labs

“Within 2-3 weeks LevelUp identified our AI guy and one week later he started working. In our best dreams this could not have happened.”

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Mariel Dommering
CPO, Nmbrs

"We chose LevelUp because they are an extension of your company. Next to recruitment they give learnings as well. They were quick to action, wrote all company outlets and through great sourcing we were able to hire 5 people within 3 months time!"

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Serge Brabander
CEO, OneFit

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