Who we are and What we do

We are a team of clever, curious and slightly obsessed talent experts. We work for Startups & Scale-ups, mostly in-office, to help them find, attract and hire the best tech people in the world.

We are not traditional recruiters. As a team, we become the recruiting department for a startup. We run their recruiting processes and find new talent from within their offices. Isn't that cool?! We immerse ourselves in their culture, work with founders, investors, employees. This makes reaching out to candidates intimate, easy and personal. We are not just another headhunter, and the talent knows it.

Why we only work for Startups 🚀

We believe Startups and Scale-ups are great places to learn, to grow, have fun and to make an impact on the world. The speed with which they innovate and change demands a lot of their employees. On top of this, startups need talent that is particularly scarce and hard to find: growth hackers, developers, UI/UX designers, data scientists, SaaS specialists. As we help them find that talent, they have a fighting chance against the big guys.

What it’s like to be a magician at Levelup 🌟

As a Levelup employee, you will be a recruiter/ talent manager for a startup or scale-up. You will work with a growth mindset and experiment with different innovative methods to find talent. Besides that, you work with their brand and temporarily become part of their team. Doing this for 2-3 companies simultaneously supports the steepest learning curve and gives your work week a lot of variation. There's no way you'll learn more about startups anywhere else!

We work hard, and we celebrate failures too, because those are the moments we learn from the most. You will learn a lot from your fellow colleagues; and also have the chance to work on your personal development as well a participate in side projects. We’re all about growth and we share our experiences and knowledge to make sure we develop as individuals as well as a team. Attending meetups, expanding your network and testing our new tools are all part of daily life at LevelUp.

Join us!

Current openings

Currently we don't have any open positions.

Founder / CEO
Head of Client Operations
Lead Coach
Growth Marketing Lead
Associate Tech Recruiter
Associate Tech Recruiter
Senior Recruiter
Senior Recruiter
Associate Tech Recruiter
Senior Tech Recruiter
Talent Hacker
Senior Tech Recruiter
Senior Tech Recruiter
Senior Tech Recruiter
Associate Recruiter
Client Development Lead
Talent Hacker
Associate Recruiter
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Social Media Intern
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Board Advisor
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Trainer & Advisor

Perks & Benefits

Because our fun delivers our quality

  • Personal Coaching track
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Pension Plan
  • Mobile phone contract
  • Macbook + Monitor setup
  • Free lunch (Yasss!)
  • Arcade + Ping Pong
  • Work in-office at multiple startups
  • Sourcing Certification
  • In-house tech recruiting meetups
  • Biggest startup hub in Europe
  • LevelUp Academy

"Here, ’transparency’ is way more than a buzzword, it’s how we do work every day: we’re (radically!) honest about what we expect from one another and we bring our own strengths to the table every day."

Laura Petrescu
Talent Hacker @ LevelUp Ventures

"The best place to grow as a recruiter! You have the platform to shine, fail, learn, be awkward and accepted. It's something rare these days."

Andrei Curtui
Tech Recruiter @ Messagebird

“Lots of laughter on the work-floor, which made me feel at ease - it also boosted my confidence level immediately. LevelUp allows and encourages you to investigate, experiment and pick out things.”

Julia Jansen Schoonhoven
Innovation Manager @ VIVAT

"The relentless focus on tooling, automation and process improvement makes the day-to-day very diversified."

Jeremy van Willigen
Recruiter @ MessageBird